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Transmission Repair

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Transmission Repair

The transmission delivers power to the wheels and enables the vehicle to move from one point to the other. In the absence of a functioning transmission system, you can turn on the engine, and your car will fail to make any movement. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your vehicle’s transmission in good condition.

Depending on the make and model, cars with an automatic transmission should be serviced every 15,500 miles, whereas those with a manual transmission should be serviced within 30,000 – 60,000 miles.

At MVR Auto Repair, we offer an array of transmission services. These include:


Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange:

A vehicle’s transmission gears are filled with fluids that keep it running. When the fluids get old, they can damage the transmission gears and fail to deliver power to the drive wheels. When this happens, we will replace them with fresh fluids as recommended by the makers of your car. By doing so, we can prevent your vehicle from premature damage.

Automatic Transmission Drain and Fill:

The automatic transmission fluids maintain the hydraulic pressure of your vehicle and keep the transmission functioning. Over time, the additives can cause the fluids to deteriorate. In this case, we will remove the old fluid, reinstall a new fill/drain plug, and fill it with fresh fluid.

Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement:

Dirt particles from the automatic transmission fluids are collected on a built-in filter pan. We will replace the transmission pan with a new transmission filter. Moreover, we will refill the transmission with fresh fluid.

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Ever since our inception, we have been helping people maintain the quality and life of their vehicles. We provide all kinds of major and minor auto repair services. Whether you need an oil replacement, engine overhaul, or a wheel alignment, you can rely on us for keeping your car in good shape. Our staff comprises of experienced technicians and ASE-certified mechanics who have an eye for detail. They are trained to perform in-depth checkups and diagnose automotive defects. We use cutting-edge equipment to carry out speedy and precise repairs. Unlike many, we install premium quality OEM automotive components that do not compromise your vehicle’s performance. At MVR Auto Repair, we prioritize our customers. You have our word for honest advice, timely repairs, and value for money. Feel free to stop by our shop in West Windmill LN, Las Vegas, and we will be happy to help you.