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Engine Maintenance & Repair

The engine is an integral part of every vehicle. It is nested with meticulous components that together keep a vehicle running. To ensure that your machine remains healthy, it is essential to schedule routine checkups with professionals.

One way to identify an engine defect is through oil leakage. If you notice oil leaking, you should head over to our repair shop immediately. You can count on us for all your major and minor engine overhauls. Our competent staff of technicians and mechanics will visually inspect every component of your engine and suggest appropriate repairs.

Fuel filters:

Fuel filters prevent contaminations in the gas tank from seeping into your engine. Over time they can get clogged and affect the vehicle’s performance. When you bring your car to our station, we will clean or replace the filters as per the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

Ignition wires:

These wires ignite the fuel and cause the car to crank. However, over time these can wear out and cause problems in starting the car. Our adept technicians will examine your ignition wires through computer diagnostics and will replace them if needed.

Fuel pump:

The fuel pump is responsible for the passage of gasoline to the engine. If the flow is inadequate, then you will notice an immediate lag in your machine. This is where you should consult auto repair experts like us. We will ensure that the flow doesn’t exceed beyond ¼ of a gasoline tank.

Oil Change:

Engine oil lubricates the various components of an engine, so they do not rub against each other. In its absence, these components would wear out in no time. If you are unsure if your vehicle requires an oil change or not, our mechanics can help you out.

Trust Our Products

Ever since our inception, we have been helping people maintain the quality and life of their vehicles. We provide all kinds of major and minor auto repair services. Whether you need an oil replacement, engine overhaul, or a wheel alignment, you can rely on us for keeping your car in good shape. Our staff comprises of experienced technicians and ASE-certified mechanics who have an eye for detail. They are trained to perform in-depth checkups and diagnose automotive defects. We use cutting-edge equipment to carry out speedy and precise repairs. Unlike many, we install premium quality OEM automotive components that do not compromise your vehicle’s performance. At MVR Auto Repair, we prioritize our customers. You have our word for honest advice, timely repairs, and value for money. Feel free to stop by our shop in West Windmill LN, Las Vegas, and we will be happy to help you.