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Mon-Sat 7am-6pm, Sun Appt Only
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    Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance is imperative for the durability and safety of every vehicle—it as a set of routine inspections that are carried out by auto repair experts. For instance, a preventive maintenance session may include changing car fluids and repairing worn-out pipes that may cause fluid leakage in the future.

    Not only will regular maintenance protect your vehicle from system failures, but it will also keep you from investing in hefty repairing costs. Studies show that scheduled maintenance costs 50% less as compared to overhauls performed after a vehicle breaks down.

    At MVR Auto Repair, we provide preventative maintenance that YOUR car needs. Our ASE-certified mechanics and experienced technicians have been performing routine inspections for many years. Bring your car to our shop in West Windmill LN, Las Vegas, and we will fix underlying flaws that you were not even familiar with. 

    While other auto repair shops may quote an overwhelming price for a single preventative maintenance session, we will charge you a nominal cost of XX.

    Our preventative maintenance service covers the following components:

    • Inspecting brakes and clutches for possible leakages
    • Replacing deteriorating windshield wipers, belts, and hoses
    • Installing a new cabin air filter and PCV valve
    • Tire rotation
    • Wheel alignment
    • Checking of fluid and air pressure

    Call today to schedule your appointment at 702-255-2996 or write to us at MVRAutoRepairs@gmail.com

    Trust Our Products

    Ever since our inception, we have been helping people maintain the quality and life of their vehicles. We provide all kinds of major and minor auto repair services. Whether you need an oil replacement, engine overhaul, or a wheel alignment, you can rely on us for keeping your car in good shape.

    Our staff comprises of experienced technicians and ASE-certified mechanics who have an eye for detail. They are trained to perform in-depth checkups and diagnose automotive defects. We use cutting-edge equipment to carry out speedy and precise repairs. Unlike many, we install premium quality OEM automotive components that do not compromise your vehicle’s performance.

    At MVR Auto Repair, we prioritize our customers. You have our word for honest advice, timely repairs, and value for money. Feel free to stop by our shop in West Windmill LN, Las Vegas, and we will be happy to help you.